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Tosaf launches a line of innovative BOPE additives

Defining a New Manufacturing Trend

Many plastic film manufacturers are gradually transitioning from multi-layer films made from different materials to mono-material films that exhibit superior mechanical and optical properties. The mono-material film trend is important from a sustainable perspective, as these films are much easier to recycle and are ideal for use in cutting-edge, single-origin packaging that guarantee excellent sortability during waste separation.

The solution chosen by many plastic film manufactures is BOPE film, which uses PE as its base raw material. BOPE is much easier to recycle than other biaxially-oriented solutions such as BOPP, which makes it the ideal candidate for mono-material film production.

Introducing Tosaf’s Innovative BOPE Additives

The transition to BOPE requires manufacturers to incorporate special additives that are specifically tailored to the new orientation process.  While formulating these advanced additives may seem futuristic, Tosaf has effectively responded to the BOPE trend by creating a new line of innovative BOPE masterbatches that will provide film producers with enhanced flexibility regarding their products’ demands. Tosaf is currently launching a portfolio of BOPE masterbatches that includes Slip, Antiblock, Antistatics and Antifogs, Matte

Running trials conducted at https://www.brueckner.com/en have allowed Tosaf to validate the processability of its new BOPE MBs and have provided Tosaf’s R&D team with the confidence that they meet all optical and functional properties – with no interference with mechanical properties whatsoever.

Tosaf has simulated the production of BOPE films, using one of the most professional production lines currently in the market. This simulation serves as a further indication that Tosaf’s new masterbatches are qualified for BOPE applications. Furthermore, these additives’ suitability for bi-oriented production lines will ensure their suitability for in-line blown MDO films, which show signs of becoming yet another important future production trend.