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Vision Color, LLC


Founded in 2002 by Rick Bacon, Vision Color, LLC was acquired by Tosaf Inc. in 2019, in a move designed to enhance the company’s products and technologies to better serve its customers. Honoring Rick’s original mission, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality color matching products and services in the shortest lead time in the industry, to enable our customers to meet or exceed their customers’ needs, and win new opportunities.

Exceptional Service

Understanding that our customers’ success is dependent on their ability to respond quickly to new opportunities and changes in the marketplace, we provide a 72-hour-or-less color match service, and a five-working-days-or-less production order response time, in over 98% of cases.

Innovative & Cost-Effective

Using the latest state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing equipment available in the compounding industry, we provide our customers with innovative and extremely cost-effective solutions for their additive, color and compounding requirements.

Comprehensive Product Range

We are a full-service manufacturer of additive and color concentrates, dry powder blends, and custom compounds for most thermoplastics.

Contact Information

Mike Sullivan

214 S. Defiance st. West Unity, Oh 43570

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