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Tosaf, Inc.


Located in the heart of the largest economy in the world, Tosaf Inc. was established in 2016 to serve both local manufacturers and international businesses. With an impressive capacity for producing custom color masterbatches, white masterbatches and a wide range of additives, we supply customers in a variety of industries, offering the highest quality standards and a fast lead time.

You Say What, When and How Much

Using a wide range of advanced equipment, we are able to support all your color needs in house, whether matching, developing or producing. Small and customized, or large and competitively priced, you can trust us to deliver your masterbatch and compound order quickly and efficiently.

Adding Value

In addition to color, we offer a wide range of additives, from processing aids to UV blockers and much more. Working in close connection with our first-rate development laboratories in Israel, we bring you the solutions you need to tackle the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

It’s Not Just About Color

To complete our impressive portfolio of locally-made solutions, we have a wide-ranging white masterbatch and compound capability, to suit the needs of customers in the construction, packaging and consumer goods industries.

Contact Information

Mrs. Jennifer Warren

330 Southridge Parkway Bessemer City, NC 28016

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