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Tosaf Color Service, Germany


A pioneer in the field of masterbatches, we have been developing innovative products and services in plastics coloring since 1970. Our wide range of products includes standard colors, additives and combination solutions that cater to both your color requirements and your functional challenges.

Meeting the masterbatch needs of multiple polymers

Based on our patented universal carrier, our Universal-Masterbatch® can be used in an extensive range of polymers. Ask us about adding special effects, or including additives to create a combination.

Personalized products and services

Within 24 hours, we can deliver orders as small as 1kg for any of our 500 standard colors. For specific masterbatch requirements, we can also tailor-make color nuances for almost any technical polymer, any color and any effect, at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Karlstein.

Safety - our number 1 priority

The color pigments in our standard masterbatches contain no cadmium, lead or diarylide pigments, making them safe for use with various polymers and in various applications, including those related to the food industry.

Contact Information

Andreas Kruschinski

Am Mittelberg 3, 63791 Karlstein

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