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Colloids Limited

United Kingdom

Colloids Ltd is headquartered in Knowsley (UK) established in 1967, and acquired by Tosaf in 2004. With over 50 years’ expertise in developing and manufacturing masterbatch, Colloids has the largest technical and R&D resource in the UK MB industry, where bespoke, technical masterbatch solutions are developed for the global petrochemical companies.


Colloids is an IATF 16949:2016 certified supplier to the Automotive industry. Applications for Colloids automotive masterbatch include; consistent polymer colors and UV protection for car interiors, under the hood applications such as power transmission and car exteriors such as bumpers.

HDPE Pipes

Colloids develop HDPE masterbatch solutions for major pipe compounders worldwide. High levels of dispersion and quality control are imperative for the production of these safety critical pipes. Applications include PE 63, PE 80, PE 100, PE 100 Plus and PE 100-RC.

Artificial Turf

Colloids have been developing FIFA approved masterbatch solutions for the Artificial Turf industry for 30 years. Colloids are experts when it comes to color pigment choice, a critical requirement for artificial turf, along with functional properties and choice of carrier system.

Contact Information

Andre Toczek

Head of sales

Knowsley Industrial Park North, Kirby, Merseyside, L33 7SY, England, UK

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