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Adtec Colorant


With more than 30 years of experience in the color concentrate industry, Adtec Colorant Corporation is a manufacturer of quality customized color and additive masterbatches. Having been located in Arlington, Texas since 2000, the company has earned an excellent reputation for service and quality in the southwest region.

Excellence Through Streamlining

We have taken significant measures to automate our production facility, resulting in lower overhead costs. We happily pass on this benefit to our customers, giving you excellent performance at a lower cost compared to other manufacturers in the color concentrate industry.

At Your Service

With efficient production lines, we can provide an immediate response to every order. If you have specific requirements, will make the necessary adjustments to create the precise solution you need

Application-Specific Solutions

Our experts have developed customized color concentrate and specialty additive masterbatches for many markets, including injection molding, blow molding, blown film and sheet extrusion.

Contact Information

Mr. Mahesh Prikh

Head of sales

514 North Great Southwest Pkwy, Arlington, Texas, 76011

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