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Our New FR Masterbatch Provides PC Sheet With UL-94 V0 Solution for Very Low Gouges, Which Can Maintain the Polycarbonate’s Original Optical Properties

Tosaf’s new flame retardant MB FR7607PC can significantly reduce the spread of flames, heat release and smoke emitted during fires, without effecting the natural optical, aesthetic and mechanical properties of polycarbonate.

Many of our innovative solutions are formulated and manufactured due to specific requests from our clients. Our new flame retardant masterbatch was born after a PC sheet producer specifically requested that we provide the company with an FR solution for low gouges sheets (1.0mm – 1.5mm). So that is exactly what we did.

Our new FR masterbatch provides PC sheet and profile manufacturers with a UL-94 V0 solution for very low gouges, which is able to maintain the polycarbonate’s original optical properties. FR7607PC has no effect on light transmission and a minimal effect (1-2% increase) on sheet haze levels. This is a unique breakthrough, because most FR masterbatches added to PC sheets significantly impact their color and transparency.

FR7607PC can be introduced to all PC process types, including sheets production, profile, films and injection molding. Until our solution came along, PC sheet manufacturers were forced to rely on ready-to-use FR compounds. Using our FR masterbatch to achieve the same FR performance is more cost-effective and is smart from a logistics point of view (manufacturers need to keep only 10% volume of the compound in stock). Our masterbatch also provides more flexibility than FR compounds, due to its optimization capabilities regarding the usage amount for specific product thickness.

UL-94 Test Results as Achieved at Tosaf’s Fire Laboratory:

  • Introducing FR7607PC during sheet extrusion at a usage level of 8% provides 1.5mm sheets with a V0 UL-94 rating.
  • Introducing FR7607PC during sheet extrusion at a usage level of 12% provides 0,8mm sheets with a V0 UL-94 rating.

A Manufacturer-Friendly FR Solution

FR7607PC is supplied to our clients in granular form, which is similar to a PC resin. This masterbatch is very easy to handle and has no effect on key production parameters such as feeding and process stability.

For best FR performances, it highly recommended to blend the FR7607PC EU with polycarbonate branched grades with low MFI.